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Clean & Clear Skin Cream Ad BANNED For Makeup In 'After' Shots

British television has banned an advertisement for Johnson & Johnson's Clean and Clear Spot Control Kit after complaints that the actresses were wearing makeup in their "after" photos, the Guardian UK reports.

The UK's Advertising Standards Authority received complaints from consumers claiming that their skin didn't look as good as promised by the commercial's voiceover: "100% of people had improvement in just one day" and "after four weeks, they all had fewer spots, reduced redness and much clearer skin."

Johnson & Johnson did admit that some "light powder" was used to minimize shine on the girls' t-zones, so the cream's effect would be more visible. So the ASA said:

"We considered that, in order to make the before and after comparison fair, both shots should have been taken under the same conditions (both without makeup) to ensure that any visible improvement was an accurate representation of what could be achieved with the product."

Watch the advertisement here.

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