Clean Your Dog's Toys Safely

We did a little investigating to find out.

Let’s face it: if you have a pup, he or she is a part of the family. And just like any other member, you want to make sure they’re being taken care of the proper way. A big part of that is safely cleaning and disinfecting your dog’s toys and also disinfecting them. But there always seems to be confusion, at least for us anyway, about whether or not using bleach is pet-safe.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ website, using water-diluted bleach on your pup’s nonporous goods is fine, so long as it’s thoroughly rinsed with water and dried completely afterwards. But if you’re uncomfortable doing that, the site also suggestions using hot water and a mild liquid dish soap. And of course, be sure to check for any instructions on the toy before cleaning.

If you’re looking for a completely green way to clean, Apartment Therapy suggests soaking plastic toys in a one-part white vinegar and one-part water solution for 30 minutes. After, use a small brush to scrub away any dirt and rinse. Then allow the toy to completely dry. And if you’re dealing with cloth toys, the site says to place them in a garment bag and clean in a washing machine on cold with minimal soap.

Of course, it’s best to check with your veterinarian to find out what’s best for your four-legged friend. Or reach out to the ASPCA or The Human Society.

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