How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes (VIDEO, POLL)

WATCH: Are You Brushing Bacteria On Your Face?

When was the last time you cleaned your blush, eyeshadow or powder brush? I can't recall the last time I sudsed up my makeup brushes. Once they get too caked up, I simply run to the drugstore or Sephora and grab a new set. However, my lazy beauty habit is costly and creates clutter.

In the video above, Birchbox editor Meredith Stebbins shows us two makeup brush washing techniques: spot-cleaning and deep-cleaning. Plus, learn the proper way to dry your tools to ensure they last longer and the bristles maintain their shape.

Want a fresh start this spring? Shop makeup brushes in the slideshow below.

And before sampling eyeshadows and lipsticks at the beauty counter, read up on makeup tester hygiene.

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