Clean Oven Knobs Because They're Kind Of Gross

The surprising place your dirt tends to lurk...

We recently learned just how dirty our sink is, but surprisingly that's not the only germy spot in the kitchen. According to More magazine, cleaning oven knobs is just as important because they are often touched by our dirty hands after handling all sorts of foods. Luckily Ask Anna found a great way to tackle this task without using chemical cleaners.

First, pull the knobs off and allow them to soak in a bowl of white vinegar. (If you can’t remove the knobs, spray them thoroughly with the solution.) Then, spray the oven with the vinegar and leave if for 30 seconds. Next, wipe down the entire surface with a cloth. Be sure to scrub where the knobs normally sit. Then, take the knobs and clean them thoroughly. Finally, allow them to dry and replace them onto the appliance.

This is a really fast way to make sure you’re preventing the spread of bacteria in your home. Plus, once you take care of this often neglected spot, you’ll see how much brighter your oven looks.

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