Clean Your Pillows To Avoid Mold, Dust Mites And Bacteria

If it's been a while (like never) you better get to it. Here's why.

When we think of spring cleaning our bedroom, the mattress is the first thing that comes to mind. But there's another spot you should be paying attention to: your pillows. While we often clean our sheets and duvet covers, our fluffy friends usually get left behind. But according to YouBeauty, they can contain mold, dust mites and bacteria. Luckily found an effective way to clean pillows.

First, it's important to check that the cushion can be washed. If so, clean it on a mild cycle in the machine using liquid detergent. Then, dry the pillow using a low heat setting. When it's done, pat the material to make sure there is no moisture to avoid mildew. If it can't be machine washed, then to the dry cleaners it must go.

It makes complete sense that our pillows could be germ hotspots, so it's super important to make cleaning them part of your routine, especially during your season cleaning.

Click through our slideshow to see more helpful tips. And be sure to head over to YouBeauty and for more information.

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