Clean Porch And Patio Screens To Maximize Your Lounging Pleasure

The earlier you do this, the more pleasure you'll get from your space.
Patio of a Luxury Home
Patio of a Luxury Home

Porch and patio screens can be lifesavers during the spring. They allow you to enjoy the warm breeze -- without having to deal with all the little critters that are lurking around. But like all of your other outdoor accessories, they need some TLC. Luckily, Country Living found an easy way to clean screens.

First, vacuum the surface. Then, wipe it down with soapy water using a sponge. Pretty simple, huh? Do It Yourself also suggests using a bleach solution to fight fungus and mold. Of course, there's always the pressure washer method if you have access to this equipment.

Now is a good time to get your screened-in space ready for the nice weather. It's often neglected during the cooler months, but taking care of it early in the season will maximize your lounging pleasure.

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