Clean Rubber Spatulas Because They're A Germ Hot Spot

Even if you're just using them for baking, it's essential to to pay extra attention to these kitchen tools.

Cleaning our rubber spatulas has taken on a whole new meaning since learning about all the germs lingering on them. Luckily, NSF International, an independent public health and environmental organization, has the answer to making sure this trusty tool is sanitized and ready to use after each wash.

If it comes apart, separate the handle from the head. Then, wash the implement using hot soapy water. This process can be used for one-piece tools as well, just pay extra attention to scrubbing where the handle and the blade meet. Finally, rinse thoroughly with water and allow it to dry. Blogger Tammy from Tammy's Recipes recommends keeping those with two parts unattached until both are completely dry.

So, while you may be just be using the gadget for awesome baking goods, it's still vital to clean and sanitize your spatula after every use. It's an important step to making sure you're keeping yourself and your kitchen safe.

Click through our slideshow to see other cleaning and organizing tips. And be sure to head over to NSF International for more information.

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