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Need To Clean Salt And Pepper Shakers? Reach For A Hair Dryer

Salt and pepper are two of the most-used condiments. We're always being asked to pass the salt at the table or being told to add a pinch of pepper to a meal. But because of all the hands that touch salt and pepper shakers, they can harbor a nasty secret. In fact, these shakers had one of the highest concentrations of cold and flu viruses, according to a study by the University of Virginia. So, it's really important to make sure you clean and dry your salt and pepper shakers well. Luckily, we've got a great tip to help you!

First, fill a bowl with hot water and a teaspoon of anti-bacterial dish soap. Let the shakers soak in the solution for ten minutes. Then, rinse the shakers with warm water. If you see there is still some grime left, use a cotton swap or thin scrub brush to remove any residue. Next, use a hair dryer to dry the inside of each shaker (it's important to do this because if your shakers are not dried properly the salt and pepper will stick inside.) Finally, refill your salt and pepper shakers and you can feel confident when adding a little spice to your life!

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