A Hilarious Way To Cut Out All The Bad People In Your Life This New Year

If your New Year's resolution is to cut bad people out of your life, you'll probably need your BFF's help.

Creators and stars of the web series #HotMessMoves Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman teamed up with Loft to create "#CleanSlate," a hilarious (yet honest) take on keeping New Year's resolutions. Although ridding ourselves of toxic relationships in 2015 might seem impossible, with the support of a best friend and a list of forbidden phone numbers to block we should all fare just fine.

From all the people who have let you down to the friend who only likes you when the conversation involves her -- it's time to let all of them go. See ya never, crappy people.

Oh, and if you happen to run into said crappy people on the street, just take a page out of Skidmore and Friedman's book:

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