PSA: Don't Be A Jerk. Clean The Snow Off Your Damn Car Already.

It's dangerous. And you could face fines.

With a number of regions getting slammed by a series of late-winter snowstorms, the roads are full of lazy drivers who brush off just enough snow to see out the windows. 

This is causing a serious problem for other drivers.

On Wednesday, an ambulance returning from an emergency call near Boston was hit by a sheet of ice that blew off the top of a truck.

I was in the passenger’s seat,” driver Nick Lecolst told NBC Boston. “I ducked to the center not knowing what it was.” 

The ice shattered the windshield, forcing the ambulance to pull over.

Last week in Connecticut, ice from a truck shattered the windshield of another car, spraying the driver with shards of glass, The Associated Press reported.  

No one was injured in either case, but the incidents are becoming increasingly common as cars, SUVs, trucks and more take to the roads covered in snow and ice.

“It’s a big issue because you’re not only putting yourself, the driver, in danger, but you’re putting other drivers in danger,” trooper Dustin Fitch of the Massachusetts State Police told the Boston Globe. “Whether it’s the snow blinding you or blowing off and causing a whiteout to drivers behind you — it can be blinding.” 

Fitch even made a video showing how to use a snow brush to quickly remove snow without scratching the car. 

Leaving snow and ice on vehicles is not just dangerous, it can also be costly. In many jurisdictions, you could receive a ticket and face potential criminal charges, if someone is injured.



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