Clean Up Broken Glass With...Play-Doh? (PHOTOS)

One of our favorite childhood toys can help with a cleaning chore that only adults should handle.

It's a hassle to clean up broken glass. You definitely want to make sure you pick up all of the tiny shards that are on the floor, but that's not always easy. Luckily, All You found a pretty simple way to ensure you don't miss any dangerous fragments.

Editor's note: Be very cautious when dealing with broken glass. We recommend using gloves to protect yourself.

First, vacuum or sweep the area. Then, take a piece of Play-Doh and press it into the area where the glass shattered. It should catch all the small pieces that the cleaning tools may miss. One of our bloggers, Bruce Lubin, also recommends using a piece of damp white bread.

Although the Play-Doh trick could be a little tedious if you've dropped multiple glasses or dishes, it should work efficiently if it's a single champagne flute or teacup.

Click through our slideshow to see more unique cleaning tips. And be sure to head over to All You for more information.

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