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‘Clean-Up Man' Don Comstock Of Tulsa Selflessly Helps His Neighborhood (VIDEO)


Every once in a while we come across people who truly inspire us and make us want to do more for our communities. Don Comstock of West Tulsa is one of those people.

Reported by Tulsa World, Comstock has been nicknamed “Clean-up Man” because he spends his days tidying up his childhood neighborhood simply because he wants to. “I see the neighborhood as my yard,” he said. “And I’m just trying to make it look good.”

Comstock started clearing weeds, picking up garbage and generally monitoring the neighborhood’s curb appeal after he noticed his once beautiful community had become rundown. "There was trash on the side of the road. Weeds growing up everywhere. Houses running down. Just a lot of junk all over the place."

He doesn’t get paid for his efforts, nor does he want to. As a retired man he finds pleasure in beautifying his beloved home and the houses around it. “I like doing what I’m doing. I feel like it’s where I can give to people. And I like giving. That’s a part of what life is about -- it’s a big part of what life is about.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Watch the video above to learn more about Comstock. And be sure to head over to Tulsa World for the full story.

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