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Clean A Washing Machine With...Vinegar? (PHOTOS)

We know...we don't get it either.

One might think that there's no need to clean a washing machine. The whole point of the appliance is to take dirty items and clean them, right?

It turns out that the machines do need to be cleaned or they start to smell musty. Thankfully, this chore falls in the "easy breezy" category. Apartment Therapy has a good way to tackle this chore easily.

First, turn the washer on the hottest water setting. Then, as it fills up, add a quart of white vinegar. Allow this to mix for a minute while the lid is closed. Next, keeping the top open, add a cup of baking soda and continue running the cycle. After an hour, you can close the cover and let the process finish. During this time, clean knobs with a soft cloth. Finally, when the cycle is done, wipe the inside down with a rag to remove any residue. If you want a quicker version, our own editor is a big fan of simply throwing two cups of vinegar into a hot wash.

Whether you're looking to deep clean or just freshen up your contraption, try these vinegar tips and you definitely won't be disappointed.

Click through our slideshow of other unique cleaning tips and tricks. And be sure to head over to Apartment Therapy for more information.

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