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Clean Your Vacuum Bin Without Making A Mess

We love our vacuums, but we hate emptying its bin.
01/04/2013 08:31am ET | Updated January 4, 2013

We love our vacuum cleaner. What we don’t love is cleaning and emptying the bin, or for some, changing the bag. But it’s important to do this dreadful task to make sure the vacuum is suctioning properly. Luckily, Real Simple found a great ways to make this job a little easier.

First, power on the machine for 30 seconds to push any dust into the receptacle. Then, unplug. If the vacuum has a disposable bag, stick a piece of tape over the opening to avoid inhaling dirt. If it’s a container, place it in a garbage bag and shake out the grim. Then, just rinse the bin in hot water.

We’re so happy to learn that we don’t have to be engulfed by germs, dust particles and whatever else our little cleaner picked up.

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