How To Clean A Water Cooler, The Easy Way

This Tip Is Easier Than Changing The Water Bottle

We're constantly stopping by the office water cooler in the summer. But because there's always water flowing through it, we often don't realize that the cooler, can get, well dirty. But how doing you clean such a bulky machine? Luckily, we've found a relatively simple solution.

First, unplug the cooler and remove the water bottle. Then, drain excess water by pressing the two water spigots. Next, remove the top of the water safe and add one teaspoon of vinegar for every one gallon of warm water to the cooler's well. Leave this to soak for five minutes. As the solution is soaking, take a cloth, dip it in the solution and clean the exterior, including the spigots and water safe. Then, drain the solution as you did in step two. Replace the water safe and install a new bottle of water. Finally, drain half a pitcher of the clear water from the spigots to completely flush out any remaining traces of vinegar

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