The Emotional Phases Of Cleaning Your Messy Home, As Shown In GIFs

The Emotional Phases Of Cleaning Your Messy Home, As Shown In GIFs

Even for the biggest slobs among us, there's only so much you can take living with a mess. It's just a matter of your personal definition of what "messy" is. For some, it's having more clothing visible on your floor than you have in your closet. For others, it's a kitchen that looked as if it were ransacked.

After the breaking point, comes the promise to start over by spending a crazed weekend cleaning everything that should've been cleaned months ago. Here is how it usually goes:

First comes the overly optimistic goal-setting. You're like, "Of course I can clean my house in a weekend. It's two whole days."

And then you procrastinate.

Credit: Donkis

Until the mess becomes too much.

Credit: ffffound

So you promise yourself treats in an effort to bribe yourself to do it.

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You give in. You're clueless, but you quickly find your groove.

But your house is way dirtier than you realized. So much dust.


You just want to cry. Or scream. Or both. You just want to be done, but there's still so much crap everywhere. It's somehow worse than what you started with.

Credit: BuzzFeed

Still, you keep going. Mainly because you can't live amongst trash bags full of clothes from 2004.

And going.

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Then you're finally done. Eventually, your house looks like something a grown up would live in. Yay, achievement!

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Two weeks later...


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