Dirty Work

Sunday nights have never been sexier, more seductive or more sinful! Devious Maids is back with season two and it is even more salacious than before. Secrets do not stay buried for long on this show, and with every secret that becomes revealed, another delicious one takes its place. Money, desire and scandal take center stage in every episode and, as usual, you're not going to want to miss a single indecent minute!

If you thought that the first season was wrought with scintillating drama, season two conjures up so many more transgressions and has plenty more dirty laundry for our favorite maids to air out. Marisol (Ana Ortiz) is no longer having to pose as a maid and after writing a highly lauded book about her son's frame job, her bank account has expanded. She's also met a handsome suitor named Nicholas (Mark Deklin) and the two become engaged. With that she decides to move in with Nicholas and a whole new mystery and can of worms is opened between the death of Nicholas' deceased wife and his devoted maid Opal (Joanna Adler). After following Remi (Drew Van Acker) to Africa and forsaking her mother's advice, Valentina (Edy Ganem) comes home sans Remi, and her heart has some serious wear and tear. Not wanting to go back to work for Remi's mother Genevieve (the divine Susan Lucci) and hoping to steer clear of her own mother, Valentina takes a new job at the Powell's. But when Valentina becomes smitten with Genevieve's sexy new pool boy Ethan (Colin Woodell), she may be in for a quite the spin cycle! Speaking of love, Zoila (Judy Reyes) may be out of it when her husband decides he needs a break and wants a separation. She has to deal with starting from scratch in the romantic arena and trying to make amends with Valentina. Mother knows best, but sometimes when it comes to matters of the heart, love makes you turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those we care for the most.

Other events this season for the maids occur when Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) embarks on a new endeavor as well, having to find a new employer after her former, Alejandro (Matt Cedeno), is killed in a home invasion. She lands on Mr. Spence's (Grant Show) doorstep, and in typical Carmen master manipulation fashion, she ends up hired. When Mr. Spence's emotionally fragile nephew Ty (Gideon Glick) takes up residency with him, he tries to get a little handsy with the help and finds himself in over his head. Thankfully, Rosie (Dania Ramirez) wasn't deported and after having to steer clear of Mr. Spence, she begins working for the Millers who are the epitome of dysfunction. The Millers have plenty of schemes up their sleeves and skeletons in their closet, but everyone knows Rosie keeps a clean house! With Rosie's kind heart and nurturing ways, any challenge she faces is an easy fix. Mrs. Powell (the sublime Rebecca Wysocki) begins a torrid affair with their bodyguard Tony (Dominic Adams) when he's hired to protect the family post traumatic dinner party robbery. When things begin to steam up with them, she ships Mr. Powell (Tom Erwin) off to a mental health facility so the two don't have to keep things undercover. But they are quick to forget, it's not just the walls who have ears.

What makes this show so continually sinfully delectable is the phenomenal core actresses, their often jaw dropping portrayals, and the hilarious interactions with one another and those around them. The phenomenal exquisite delivery these ladies provide along with their amazing give and take heightens both the entertainment and the plethora of humor the writing allots them. You can't figure out if you want to be these characters or be their best friends. Sanchez is effortless with her sassiness and swagger while Ganem evokes so much emotion and heart. Ortiz is beguiling, Ramirez is clever and Reyes is sharp! Wysocki is a goddess and a true force to be reckoned with. I would love to see Wysocki and Sanchez team up on Devious Maids, these two would be a true devilish duo! Don't take your eyes off of any of these ladies, or your TV screen!

On Devious Maids you never see the twists coming which makes the audience stay on their toes at all times. Just when you think the show couldn't get more intense, the plot thickens and a whole new set of secrets and lies are unfolded. The two hot new male additions don't hurt either! This season, Mark Deklin is smoldering and Colin Woodell is a total hunk! Double the delicious and double the drama, these guys along with hottie Drew Van Acker also have helped make season two hit an all new boiling point!

Rich and clever stories mixed with plenty of juicy intrigue makes watching Devious Maids the perfect Sunday night. You'll have plenty to gossip and chat about at work the whole week until another new episode. These ladies never miss a beat, and neither should you! This season some people will come clean while others still have to learn that they've made their bed and now they have to lie in it.