Get Your Home In Order With These Cleaning And Organization Items From Etsy

Etsy has a wide array of products to freshen up your space this spring.
A surface cleaning kit, drawer organizer and desktop organizer.
A surface cleaning kit, drawer organizer and desktop organizer.

Spring cleaning season is upon us, and even the most cleaning-averse can agree that nothing feels better than having a freshened-up, organized home as the days get longer and warmer. Even just a bit of simple cleaning and tidying can really give your entire home a facelift. And while scrubbing every surface of your house, decluttering your closets and reorganizing your space might seem like a daunting task, there are plenty of products to help make the process easier and much more efficient.

Not sure where to start? You might be surprised to find that Etsy has a lot of practical cleaning and organization products that will come in handy. From storage boxes to labels, toilet bowl fizzies, stovetop cleaners and more, Etsy has a wide array of products that will come in handy and inspire you to freshen up your space. Below, we’ve rounded up some of Etsy’s most popular cleaning and organization items, so you can hop to it and get your home in order.

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A roll of reusable "paper towels"
If you're looking to reduce your paper consumption but don't want to slack on your cleaning, then check out these paperless reusable "paper towels" from Etsy seller CozySimpleLiving. The roll is made with strong, high-quality cotton flannel and comes with 12 towels that you can use for spills and to clean surfaces, then toss in the wash. Pick from several nature-themed patterns and make your cleaning routine as aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient.
An oven cleaning kit
This cleaning kit from Etsy seller Everneat is much more versatile and effective than you might think at first glance. It's made with plant-based ingredients, pumice powder, probiotics and essential oils that leave ovens, sinks and more gleaming. It can be used on everything from oven walls, doors, glass, racks, stovetop burners, stainless steel and cast iron cookware, toaster ovens, air fryers, porcelain sinks, toilet bowls and even grout. It includes a surface cleaner, oven scrub and a metallic scrubber.
A stain-remover stick
Handmade with olive oil, palm oil, water and sodium hydroxide, this stain-removing stick from seller ShadyCreekFarmNC has rave reviews on Etsy. It can be used on all manner of hard-to-remove stains like dirt, grease, blood and more, making it a great investment that won't break the bank.
A set of drawer organizers for jeans and shirts
If you're plagued with messy dresser drawers, then these organizers from Etsy seller LawrenceLiebersonSo are for you. They're made with moisture- and mildew-proof washable, breathable nylon mesh and can store everything from undies and leggings to shirts, jeans, scarves and accessories. You can purchase them individually in one of three different sizes or get a three-pack that includes a jeans box with five grids, a leggings box with seven grids and a T-shirt box with nine grids.
A three-in-one wrap dispenser
Is there anything more unnerving than that one messy drawer filled with parchment paper, foil and plastic bags? This handy bamboo dispenser from ParkwayHome is designed to keep all three of these items neatly contained and easily accessible. It fits in most traditional-sized kitchen drawers and comes in different combinations in case you only need two slots.
Eucalyptus toilet fizzies
Made with baking soda, eucalyptus oil and citric acid, these toilet bowl cleaning fizzies from Etsy shop HappyEarthBoutique are a fresh alternative to traditional toilet bowl cleaners. They come in a reusable glass jar with a bamboo lid, and after you finish your first set you can order refills and reuse your container.
A KitchenAid mixer attachment mount
If you're a baking aficionado with your own KitchenAid stand mixer, then you will probably want to invest in this triple attachment mount from FusedLine. It keeps your flat paddle beater, wire whisk and dough hook attachments off your countertop and out of your drawers, saving space and keeping things tidy. It comes in three different colors and can be attached using double-sided tape or screws.
A vegan solid dish soap bar and palm scrubber
Embrace the plastic-free life with this vegan, refillable dish soap and scrubber from Etsy seller CambridgeandCarlino. The soap is available in four different fragrances, and is made with coconut oil, castor oil, distilled water, sodium hydroxide, citric acid, lime juice and basil essential oil. The ramekin is refillable and this little set is as attractive as it is essential.
A set of black pantry labels
Keep things organized and wildly chic with these black minimalist pantry labels from Etsy seller QuartandPint. The set includes 134 vinyl sticker labels for pantry jars for everything from baking ingredients to oatmeal, rice and more. They're modern, streamlined and subtly elegant.
A pair of sheet keepers
The linen closet can get messy fast, but these elastic bands from Etsy shop SheetKeeper can help keep things tidy and organized. Each order comes with two bands that can hold separate sets of sheets. They're easy to use, cute and keep your sheets bundled up neatly. They're available in six different sizes.
Jute wall hanging storage baskets
Available in six different sizes, these hanging baskets from Etsy seller InciHomeDecor are as adorable as they are functional. They're perfect for keeping your fruits and veggies off your countertops and can even help to keep food fresher for longer.
A set of lint removers
Portable, reusable and lightweight, this set of lint and fluff removers from TheAmadorStore are as versatile as they are effective. Use them on everything from clothing to rugs and carpets, couches and more. They're a lifesaver if you've got pets that shed hair all over the place. Each set comes with two different kinds of lint removers — one with a natural wooden handle and double-sided rust-proof pure copper blade and a plastic lint remover with soft, rubbery material — and a moisture-proof storage bag.
A stackable acrylic egg tray
Need a more ergonomic yet safe way to store your eggs? This angled gravity tray from seller Vandue keeps eggs accessible and cozy, while making it possible for you to stack lightweight items on top of the container, saving space in your fridge.
A slim drawer organizer
Tuck this organizer from Etsy shop SweetCatStationery into a vanity, dresser or desk drawer to keep your cosmetics, jewelry or even office supplies from rolling all over the place. It's ideal for shallow drawers thanks to its streamlined silhouette.
A hanging shirt organizer
If you're low on closet and drawer space, then consider an over-the-door hanging organizer like this one from TheRollKeeper. It's simple design allows you to simply roll up anything from t-shirts to pants and hang them on the back of a closet door without taking much space.
A desktop organizer
This multifunctional (and cute) organizer from Etsy shop SweetCatStationery is available in three different colors, though the blue and white options are currently waitlisted. It's compact enough to have on a small desktop to store writing utensils, glasses, pins, clips and more.
A set of three round baskets
Handmade from seagrass, these lovely and unique loosely woven baskets from SunnysShopLA are the perfect catchalls. They add texture and a rustic, beachy look to the space and serve as a charming spot to hold odds and ends that would otherwise be cluttering up the room.
A zero waste cleaning set
If you're starting your cleaning supply inventory from scratch, consider going the zero waste route with this set from Etsy seller PlantishFuture. Depending on the size of the box that you select, it comes with various cleaning tools and cleansers. The largest box option includes a sisal dish brush, two sisal brush refill heads, a sisal and palm pot scrubber, a soap brick, a flat loofah sponge, two grey Swedish sponge cloths, a coconut bottle brush, a brush cleaner and a dual layer bamboo soap dish.
Reusable produce bags
Cut down on your plastic waste consumption and keep your fridge organized with reusable produce bags. Each set from Etsy shop OrganicCottonMart includes six organic cotton mesh produce bags. They're washable, have a dash of that French countryside visual appeal, and will last for many years with proper care, making them a great investment.
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