Clear Channel Pulls Abortion Clinic Ads

Broadcasting Giant Under Fire After Pulling Ads For Abortion Clinic

Radio broadcasting giant Clear Channel is under fire after pulling ads for a Wichita, Kansas abortion clinic.

The South Wind Women's Center recently re-opened, four years after its owner Dr. George Tiller was shot and killed by an anti-abortion activist. On Thursday, Jezebel reported that Clear Channel pulled two of the clinic's ads from the airwaves, citing a violation of "decency standards."

Critics, however, pointed out that there was nothing indecent about the ads, which did not mention abortion or sex. The ads said that the clinic provides "reproductive healthcare," is staffed by "board-certified" physicians and entrusts "women with their own medical decision-making."

The clinic responded to Clear Channel's decision by asking supporters to tweet the company promising to "#changethechannel unless they start running South Wind’s ads."

This is not the first controversy the company has been part of in recent years. Clear Channel, which hosts Rush Limbaugh's show, famously defended the host after he called Sandra Fluke "a slut" for testifying on the importance of insurance coverage for birth control. As Jezebel and Think Progress noted, the company also rejected ads for a gay pride event in Florida and pulled the Dixie Chicks' music after the group criticized President Bush.

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