Wealth School: How Do You Get a Clear Intention?

Never underestimate the power and capacity of your loving human spirit. You might find that you could surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.
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In a comment to a recent post, regular reader, Bill, asked: "How do you get a clear intention?" It is one of those things you might think you should have, but how do you have an intention be really clear? After all, we have heard that the road to hell is paved with "good" intentions.

Good is not enough. Who says what is good or bad? We may think something is good because everyone seems to sign up for it. Good is subjective. Your good might be my nightmare -- going on a 5-mile daily hike, for example. Each of us has our preferences.

There are a few ways to approach the diamond of clear intention. Like polishing a facet, you might strip away things you do not need. Right, it might be fun to buy another computer game. But do you need it? Knowing what you absolutely do not want is another way to strip off the excesses. Clear the clutter -- material objects and even other people's opinions of what you should do and want -- and deep down, you find the shining diamond of what is true for you.

So what do you need? An income? Get clear about how much you are needing and go after that. Really go after it. With a clear intention, your creative juices can get to work. Even in a bad economy, there are people who find a way to offer a good service for which there is a need. If you are running a business, step back and reevaluate how you operate. Find ways to become more effective and upgrade your services or products.

Recently, I heard the story of a woman who weighed more than 300 pounds. She'd had enough with being, as she saw it, overweight. Her intention was clear to drop some weight. After sticking to a specific diet and walking two miles every day, she was able to drop 150 pounds. This method might not be for you, if you are in a similar situation. The point is that she had a clear and workable intention, and it worked for her.

Never underestimate the power and capacity of your loving human spirit. You might find that you could surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish.

A need most of us have is to give something of ourselves, if not for paid employment then in a voluntary capacity. You may have a skill, talent or gift that as you give it brings you to life, energizes and revitalizes you. What is that? Speaking, acting, listening, painting, singing, cooking or sharing encouragement or inspiration, for example.

The vitality of your expression can ignite others to express themselves more fully. You never know when you may sow a seed that brings new life and pleasure to someone else. Recently, I received a note from a friend on Facebook to tell me that 25 years ago, I had taken him along to a Toastmaster meeting in London. I had forgotten about it. He is now president of his local Toastmaster organization and remembered the introduction I had given him.

You never know.

Listen to your heart. What do I mean by that? Too often, we have a seed idea and mention it to a friend who pours cold water all over it. Sometimes it is good to hold the idea in your heart and let it grow within you before airing it to the world. Some people are encouraging. Many are not.

There is not (yet) a "clear intention club" that you can join for encouragement and further inspiration -- or that I know about. Listen to your own "still small voice." Journal it. Dream about it -- and make a note of your dreams on waking up. Ask it questions. Let it talk to you. You can do a pen and paper dialogue with that voice of truth within you. Let it reveal its wisdom to you. Do not be tempted to edit what you hear. Not at first.

Simply listen for the shining clarity within you. It is there. Be patient. Relax into it. Your intention is within you. Connecting clearly with it could assist you to connect more effectively with people around you, enriching you in the process.

Here is a simple rule of thumb. A clear intention will have the energy of enthusiasm behind it, a clear idea of what to do and definite actions that you can take to fulfill it. If any one of those is missing, then your intention will not be clear.

How does clear intention relate to wealth, such that it would be included in wealth school? It is not what you do, or what you have, but how you experience your life that constitutes true wealth. All the money in the world cannot buy trust, clarity and peace of mind, for example, if you are feeling stressed by your work, pressured in your relationships or unable to sleep at night. What main quality characterizes a fulfilling life for you? Start within you and build out from there.

A clear intention is less something you have to "work at" and more a matter of receiving. To be open and most receptive, keep moving and completing what you have immediately at hand. The little daily tasks like cleaning up, throwing out the rubbish, keeping your papers in order, taking the next step with the project your are working on. Savour and make the most of whatever the present moment offers you. Cultivate a sense of gratitude for all that you presently enjoy and appreciate, within and around you.

Ask inwardly to be shown and in perfect timing, your clear intention will be given to you. How will you be sure that it is clear? You will simply know it. It will be unshakeable within you.

What clear intention do you presently have -- that you are willing to reveal? How is it working for you in your life?

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness -- in all of the many ways it can come to you!

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