Gossard's 'Cleavage-Enhancing' Sports Bra To Make Working Out Even More Uncomfortable

If we're going to pay $75 for a bra with a fancy French name suitable for "a medium intensity work out," that workout better be sex.

Lingerie company Gossard has introduced a new "plunging sports bra ideal for those who want to work out and still be fashionable." It's basically just a push-up bra in the shape of sports bra with some mesh thrown in for good measure.

Gossard's move is in line with an industry-wide trend to make luxury athletic wear more versatile. Lululemon, for example, launched a "happy hour friendly" line of yoga gear last week. But while others try to make gym clothes sexy, Gossard is bringing sex appeal to gym clothes. Call it a two-pronged approach to preying on women's insecurities: Ladies, you must exercise to look better, and you must maintain your allure while doing so.

For an extra dash of needless sexualization, Gossard uses wordplay to unfortunate effect in an ad for the product:

Moreover, Gossard is insistent on the fashionable nature of the "plunge effect." But last we checked, visible cleavage wasn't the only factor that made an clothing item fashionable.

Not only does the neckline adequately plunge, but the cups are padded. It takes a very presumptuous sports bra to add more volume to the area it is meant to contain. Oh yeah, it also takes a very presumptuous company to assume all women want to enhance their cleavage period, much less in the gym where there is literally zero obligation to look like anything other than a sweaty mess.

We'll call this one a bust, for sure.



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