Clementine Upside Down Cake By Drizzle And Dip (PHOTO)

These are the best way we can think of to celebrate the end of clementine season.

How do we love upside down cake recipes? Let us count the ways: 1. Upside down cakes are simple enough that even the most baking-challenged members of our team can turn them out with some success. 2. Something really magical happens when fruit and sugar caramelize together underneath a toasty, baking cake. 3. Their incredible beauty is totally disproportionate to how simple they are to pull together. 4. They give us yet another way to use fruits that are close to heading out of season. Like our beloved clementine.

These clementine upside down cakes from Drizzle and Dip are exactly the kind of thing we want to eat right now, at the very edge of clementine season. We're ready to begin lusting after spring foods already, but are excited to give these tiny citrus stalwarts one more day of glory in the kitchen.

clementine upside down cake

Amazing, right? Even if you aren't ready for a baking project this week, we recommend that you head over to Drizzle and Dip for the Clementine Upside Down Cake recipe and instructions. You're going to want to look at the pictures, we promise.

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