Michelin-Starred Restaurant Invites Clemson Team After Donald Trump Served Fast-Food

The co-owner of Chicago's acclaimed Alinea wants to show the national champion Tigers "what an actual celebration dinner should be."

President Donald Trump’s fast-food banquet for Clemson University’s national championship football team didn’t cut the mustard with restaurateur Nick Kokonas, co-owner of Chicago’s three-star Michelin eatery Alinea.

So, he invited the players and coaches to tour and eat at four of his Alinea Group’s restaurants “to experience what an actual celebration dinner should be,” reports the Chicago Tribune.

“I’m not joking,” Kokonas tweeted Tuesday night.

The Tigers didn’t immediately respond to the invitation.

The invite followed “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan’s kindhearted offer to treat the Tigers to a lobster meal:

Cookbook author and actress Ayesha Curry, and Quavo, of hip-hop trio Migos, also extended invites to the Tigers:

Kokonas told Eater Chicago he invited the Clemson squad for a dinner that would include stops at his Alinea, Office, Next and Roister restaurants. He said he would convince a local hotel to put them up for the night.

Dinner at Alinea alone can cost upwards of $190 per person, per its website.

“Nothing wrong with fast food from time to time,” Kokonas added in a further tweet. “But when you knock off a national championship, it’s time to teach our youth that there are experiences to strive for in life moving forward.”

“It’s about dignity, honor, and example,” he added. “This is about showing them how a proper celebration looks in adulthood. And fun too.”

His offer went down well with many people online, including Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian ― the husband of tennis star Serena Williams.

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