Clemson Students Take Advantage Of A Drunk Bro Who Left His Credit Card Tab Open At A Bar, Rack Up A $7913 Tab

On Sunday night, the following e-mail hit our BroBible editorial tip-line:

Hi, my name is Jake Stewart and I am a 21 year old college student. This past Friday night I went out with some friends to the bar and besides my better judgement, had too many drinks. I mistakenly left my tab open all night and when I went back to the bar the next morning to retreive my card, I was shocked to see a $7,966 charge to my tab. It upsets me that an entire bar would take advantage of an open tab and not one person was willing to pay their own drinks. I’m also surprised that nobody stepped up and pointed out that this was wrong and, in fact, stealing. Over the course of the night, I personally spent $53 on my own drinks. Taking responsibility for that, I am hoping for $7913, to help pay for the bar tab but any kind of good will would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

The scenario Jake claims happened to him sounds like a nightmare situation, especially for anyone who likes to hit the bars every now and then.

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