Browns Fans Lose Their Damn Minds After Horrible, Horrible Loss

One guy went straight Hulk Hogan and ripped his jersey in half.

The Cleveland Browns lost to the Baltimore Ravens in brutal fashion on Monday. With three seconds to go, the Browns launched what would have been a potentially game-winning field goal ... which was then blocked and returned for a game-winning touchdown on the other end. 

Browns fans are already some of the most tortured souls in all of sports, so they were understandably heartbroken after the impressively horrible finish. Like, really heartbroken. 

Example No. 1: Browns fan slapping some towels against the bench.

Example No. 2: Browns fan angrily ripping his jersey in half.

Example No. 3: Fan hopes to get a video of a game-winning field goal, realizes that Cleveland Browns'd it up, walks out.

On the bright side, at least Cleveland still has LeBron James.


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