Cleveland Cavaliers Are Giving Back To Their Community By Helping The Next Generation

The team has helped renovate a local recreation center and foster a sense of pride among the city's youth.

Last month, the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship and secured their first title win in the history of the franchise. Now the Cavs are paying it forward to the young sports lovers of the city by making sure they feel like champs too. 

The Huffington Post spoke with Len Komoroski, the CEO of the Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena organization, about his team’s efforts to beautify the indoor gymnasium and outdoor playground at the Fairfax Recreation Center, which provides a space for local kids to get active and play sports.

Komoroski said the Cavaliers’ win over the Golden State Warriors has reignited Cleveland’s pride in a big way. 

“For many years, Clevelanders had been reminded about all their near misses ― the shot, the drive, the fumble,” he told HuffPost’s Alex Berg. “Unfortunately that had been the message our kids were hearing. Winning the NBA championship, winning it the way we did, has just created this whole sense of pride.” 

It seems that feeling has trickled down to the kids who need it most, especially now that the gyms at the recreation center have received a much-needed makeover. 

“They won the championship when no one said they could,” one student said of the hometown heroes. 

Learn more about how the team has spruced up the Fairfax Recreation Center in the video above. 

This video was produced by Rebecca Halperin, edited by Chai Dingari and shot by Jerod Nawrocki. 



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