Cleveland Native Runs for POTUS


In the first installment of my Search for the Next POTUS, meet James "Jimmy" Bell of Cleveland, Ohio. Though he originally declared his Presidential candidacy as a Democrat, he's now running as an Independent write-in candidate. He's working with Supernova Communications, a local political strategy group. He has filed a letter of intent to run in only six states so far.

James speaks in slow, measured, run-on sentences. When asked why he wants to be President, he said, "Neither Democrats nor Republicans have truly met the needs and purposes of the American people from the standpoint of truly being a free and true democratic democracy and also I believe that we as a government and a people can do better and we must do better and these kinds of change that will allow us to truly become a great, not only a great American people, a great American country, but a better world and a better place in which to raise our children and grandchildren."

I asked how he plans on raising awareness about his campaign. He answered, "I do realize that this is an uphill battle because the mainstream media which is controlled by the powers that be would never ever want to see someone like me on the national and world stage because with my charisma and my presence, not only could I be, would I be, will I be President, but I would be a force to be reckoned with because I speak out of the trueness of the American condition of the plight of the underprivileged and disenfranchised and the disillusioned."

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