Former Trump Staffer Attacks Cleveland Newspaper

"Worst front page in the country this AM," he wrote on Twitter.

Jason Miller, a former senior communications adviser for President Donald Trump, attacked a major Cleveland newspaper on Saturday for failing to feature Trump’s inauguration on its front page.

Miller drew his conclusion from a Plain Dealer front page featured on the Newseum website, which posts the front pages of newspapers across the country every day.

The front page on the Newseum site featured a Washington Post story about Trump’s executive order weakening the Affordable Care Act, and a New York Times piece about President Barack Obama’s farewell event with his political appointees.

The Newsweum featured this front page for the Cleveland Plain Dealer
The Newsweum featured this front page for the Cleveland Plain Dealer

But Henry Gomez, the chief political correspondent for Cleveland.com, a digital news site that provides content for the paper, said on Twitter that Saturday’s edition actually featured a special wraparound front page all about Trump’s inauguration.

Gomez subscribes to the hard copy of the newspaper at his home, he told The Huffington Post in an email.

Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Connie Schultz also tweeted a front page of the paper she received at home:

George Rodrigue, editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, confirmed that the paper version featured the inauguration.

A staffer at the Newseum told HuffPost that the museum asks newspapers to send in their front pages by a certain time, and then publishes them online by 7 a.m. Eastern. If the Newseum had received a wraparound by the appropriate time, it would have published it, the staffer said.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story said the Cleveland Plain Dealer did not feature any photos or articles about Friday’s inauguration on its front page. It has been updated to reflect that there was a special wraparound section.