Cleveland Park Elevator Fight: Metro Begins 5-Month Rehabilitation

WASHINGTON -- Cleveland Park, the tony Upper Northwest neighborhood with the nation's capital most vibrant online neighborhood message board, has lost its elevator battle with Metro.

At Cleveland Park's Red Line Metrorail station, the street-to-mezzanine elevator hasn't seen a major rehabilitation since the station opened in 1981. The work to rebuild the elevator began this week.

According to Metro, the elevator will be out of service through at least late April as work crews replace all key mechanical components.

As the news started to sink in last month that the elevator would be out of commission until spring, some residents were committed to fight Metro to get the transit agency to change its repair schedule.

One message board poster named Tamara wrote:

I think we have many options to consider. A huge response from the community is essential so we can communicate to WMATA, the media, etc, explaining 5 months is way too long given the high percentage of riders who use wheelchairs, scooters and others with special needs, including those in the area who are visually impaired with seeing eye dogs (how how will they see the bus? Now isn't that a good question?) ...

Maybe a tech wiz can set up web or social media site to engage people. If the occupy movement can reverse Bank of America charges then we can do this! I am ready to help.

All the complaining by neighborhood residents didn't change Metro's plans to rebuild the elevator.

Cleveland Park residents might feel somewhat better knowing that Dupont Circle's south entrance will be closed for at least eight months as its escalators are rebuilt starting next month.