Cop Adopts Pit Bull Puppy Who Was Severely Beaten With Brick, Gives Him A Loving Home

This cop is a real hero in the eyes of one canine.

Patrol Officer Brandon Melbar of Cleveland volunteered to foster a 1-year-old pit bull, after his fellow officers answered a call involving dog abuse, Fox Cleveland reported.

Police officers responded to a report from a witness on June 15 about a dog beating, according to the Cleveland District of Police’s blog. Officers Neil Pesta and Brian Kellums arrived at the scene, to find the dog had suffered injuries to his face, legs and paws. Witnesses told police that the dog had been beaten with a belt, choked and hit in the face with a brick.

Officers speaking to Fox said the owner was reacting to damage the animal had reportedly done in his home.

Pesta told the source that when he and Kellums arrived, the dog immediately jumped into the police car, "almost as if to say, 'let’s get out of here, thanks for coming.'"

The pit bull was treated for his injuries and is on the road to recovery. Badges for Bullies, an organization that works to build and strengthen the relationship between police, the animal rescue community and the general public, has covered the dog’s treatment and follow up care.

Officer Melbar originally agreed to just foster the dog, but fell in love with the pooch, naming him Harvard, and deciding to adopt him, according to the Cleveland District of Police's blog.

The pit bull puppy has reportedly been doing well since the incident and is cheerfully adjusting to life with Melbar. "He just rolls over, wants you to rub his belly, he’s not aggressive at all … He’s just been pretty lovable," Melbar told Fox Cleveland.



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