Clever Endeavors: This Week In Daily Giving

Just when we at The Pollination Project think we have seen it all, from Olly the dog carrying campaign messages to comic books that teach equality, forgiveness, mercy and love, along comes seven new grantees ready to tackle something new. Thinking back to those to whom we have already awarded grants to those we continue to read, we have identified three key ingredients to spark sustainable change; a focused objective, information and freedom. In our world of providing grants to others, a focused objective is the spark behind change… It is the why. Information is our fuel; it enlightens us into your world and helps bridge the distance. Lastly, freedom is the space we give you to implement your work in your world. Knowing that we are at the tipping point of our work, we are eager to come across your innovation.

We would love for your help as we welcome our newest cohort of seed grant recipients.

Stacia A. Miller, SSAMAC: Sailor, Soldier, Airman and Marine Access Center, Roseville, Michigan, USA. Active and retired duty members receive employment, legal and social services to help them be successful in civilian life.

David Baron, Clever Kids Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Public events and workshops afford elementary-aged students to give back to their community while being creative, confident and utilizing their critical thinking skills.

Jamal Musah, Green Project, Obuasi, Ghana. Youth are mobilized and educated as agents of change on climate and environmental related issues, resulting in the formation of green clubs and newly planted trees.

Rebecca K. H., Humble Mumbles, Palestine. Queer, psychoanalytic and feminist frames allow for a personal-political exploration of power of both Palestinians and Israelis.

Ann Gloria Njoki Nyawira, Able Hands, Embu, Kenya. Individuals with disabilities receive entrepreneurship and tailoring trainings, decreasing poverty in the region.

Caren Lanier, Project Backpack, Lithonia, Georgia, USA. Individuals fresh from the justice system are equipped with resources and support services for successful reintegration.

Crystal Martin, First 2 Finish, Chicago, Illinois, USA. First generation college students are invested in beginning in elementary school, leading to work force preparation, intellectual growth and investments in their academic future.

Are you ready to bring your objective, freedom and information to the forefront of change? Do you believe in bringing justice to all things across the globe? We accept grant applications at all hours of all days of the year and are anxiously awaiting yours.

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