17 Hacks For Small Bathrooms With Big Problems

Not all bathrooms are created equal, but that doesn't mean you can't work with what you've got.

It's easy to feel cramped by what is typically the smallest room in the house. Thanks to Pinterest (aka hacking heaven), those pesky problems can magically turn into fun, do-it-yourself projects. So grab a towel, draw a bubble bath and enjoy every square inch with these genius solutions.

1. Use spice racks to corral perfumes and small toiletries.

2. Store hair tools on stick-on hooks.

3. Put magnets on cosmetics to reduce counter clutter.

4. A basket can be storage... and a towel rack.

5. This wine holder? Yep, it's a towel rack too.

6. Buy or build a shelf around your toilet for extra storage.

7. Who said anything about a full-size shelf?

8. Add another shower rod in your shower for extra hanging space.

9. An over-the-door shoe rack will do the trick as well.

10. Add a tension rod under the sink to store cleaning supplies.

11. Keep bobby pins and tweezers off the floor with magnets.

12. Stacking buckets store bigger goods, too.

13. Wood hangers become towel racks.

14. But if you can't make any holes in the wall, use a ladder.

15. Attach an empty tissue box to your cabinet to fill with plastic (or garbage) bags.

16. Use a PVC pipe to hold hair tools.

17. Hang your favorite bathroom reading material on hangers.

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