10 Clichés About Love That Won't Save Your Marriage

10 Clichés About Love That Won't Save Your Marriage

Hollywood makes matters of the heart seem so simple. If real like was like the movies, you could win over your lover or end an argument with one perfectly scripted line.

But love is more complicated than all those rom coms let on. So while it's tempting to borrow lines from your favorite films or use Hallmark-worthy clichés, we'd caution you against it -- matters of the heart are simply more difficult to articulate in real life.

Here are 10 clichés about love you should never, ever speak aloud.

1. "Love means never having to say your sorry."

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Not true. In fact, if you really never say you're sorry, you'll end up divorced. Trust us.

2. "Love is patient."

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Except when love is waiting for you to finish putting on your makeup because we're leaving the house RIGHT NOW and why do you always take so long anyway, jeez.

3. "Love is kind."

Well, kind of... love also knows exactly how to push your buttons and/or exploit your insecurities during stressful confrontations. So, it's kind of just a wash.

4. "Love conquers all."

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As soon as you start talking about love like it's a military invasion, it's time to rethink your relationship.

5. “You had me at hello.”

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If one seductive "hello" has this effect on you, it might be time to raise your expectations.

6. "Love is blind."

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Except when love is shallow, superficial and otherwise subject to human pettiness.

7. "Love will set you free."

Whoever said this obviously never dealt with a 40-year mortgage.

8. "Kiss and make up."

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This would definitely fix everything... if your tongues were the ones in a fight.

9. "Love the one you're with."

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This is pretty much the world's nicest euphemism for "settle."

10. "Love hurts."

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Just never a good argument to make. This one is self-explanatory, right?

Talking through romantic problems is the first step towards fixing them, but when you resort to clichés, you pretty much ensure that nothing very honest will be said.

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