ClickHole's New Diet Plan Is The Best Way To A Less Terrible You!

Because eating clean is fun as f**k!

Are you tired of you? Of course, we all are! You're terrible!

But you don't have to be! The health gurus at ClickHole have partnered with the leading nutritionists, dietitians and lawyers and put together the ClickHole Clean Eating Challenge, the easiest dieting plan that can legally be called a diet plan.

Here's how it starts:

Day 1

BREAKFAST - H20 Smoothie (2 cups of water, parsley for garnish)
LUNCH - Sliced grape salad (160 grapes, parsley for garnish)
DINNER - Blood soup (3 cups of blood, parsley for garnish)

After the Clickhole five-day plan, you will be a different person, which is all your friends and family have ever asked of you! Wouldn't you love to give this gift to them?

To see the rest of this wonder diet, head over to ClickHole. Oh, and congratulations. ... That's us talking to future, different, better you.

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