'The Client List': Riley Makes A Big Decision She Can Never Take Back (VIDEO)

Riley had a huge decision to make on "The Client List," thanks to "Cougar Town's" Josh Hopkins as Dylan, who offered her $50,000 to sleep with him. For him, it was about a genuine connection, and at first, she told him she couldn't do it -- she wasn't that girl.

The only person she could talk to about it with was Georgia, who admitted to doing something similar in her younger years. For Georgia, it solved her immediate problems, but left her with regret.

Riley's immediate financial problems were mounting, with bills rising at The Rub and the discovery that her son had a learning disorder -- not to mention, her husband's legal bills. So she made a decision that surprised even herself: She said yes. And in the moment, Dylan wanted to know the real her.

"I’m a single mom, my husband left me and I’ve been deadly insecure every since," she said. "I lie to my family and friends about what I do. Aw, hell -- I lie to everyone about everything. And I hate it. And, here I am. And I’m going to sleep with you for $50,000. I’m a mess."

"A beautiful mess," he responded, and then she went through with it. TV Fanatic wasn't surprised, saying that it was more a question of when Riley would do something like this, rather than if. On the other side, Style Bistro was shocked that Riley actually went through with it.

"Client List" executive producer Ed Decter told The Hollywood Reporter that this decision changes everything for her. "From this point forward, she will be irrevocably changed. She’s absolutely not the same woman her husband married."

So far, that change has manifested in massive feelings of guilt for Riley. Now that her husband Kyle is getting out of prison though, expect things to get even more complicated on "The Client List," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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