This Clif Bar Containing Moth Larvae Is Gross Enough To Make You Skip Breakfast (PHOTOS)

If you've spent your entire life wondering what would happen if an insect flew into a candy bar wrapper in the factory at the moment just before said wrapper was sealed, today is your lucky day.

Redditor DonutPlains reports that he was recently driving to work when unwrapped a Clif Bar, and discovered a nast surprise within. His Clif Bar was covered with a the web of an Indian Meal Moth -- and its maggoty children. Yuck!

Here's one photo of the larvae-infested energy bar:

clif bar

And here's the reverse side:

clif bar

Many commenters on Reddit said that they'd encountered similar larvae in their Clif Bars. But a representative from the company responded to the original poster and emphatically refuted the idea that the moth would have gotten into the packaging at the factory, suggesting instead that it might have entered in transit or in the poster's pantry. Still, the Clif Bar rep offered to send the disgruntled eater several replacement bars.

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