Climate Activists Take Over London Museum

The demonstration coincides with the major climate summit in Paris.


Activists in Paris had planned for months to demonstrate in support of climate change action during the U.N. global climate summit this week in the French capital. But after the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks, French authorities banned mass gatherings in the streets. So the advocates grappled with how to move forward.

In London, climate activists found their own unique way to hold a demonstration in conjunction with the major climate gathering, known as COP21.

"The fossil fuel industry already has got five times more carbon reserves than it could ever burn,” says climate activist Dani Paffard in the video above, produced by the news site TakePart. “They spend millions every year looking for more. It’s suicide. Unless we stand up to the power of the fossil fuel industry, we’re all going to burn.”

Watch the video above to see what the group did on Nov. 28 at the Tate Britain, which counts BP among its corporate donors.

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CORRECTION: A previous version of this story identified the news site as Take Action, not TakePart.