Climate Change Art Contest: Submit Your Creative Vision To Help Fight Global Warming

300 Scientists recently agreed, "Global warming is undeniable," and 2010 is on track to become the hottest year on record, so why do 48% of Americans believe that the seriousness of global warming is exaggerated?

Art has a unique way of propelling societies toward change by raising awareness of pertinent issues through aesthetically-pleasing and compelling imagery. That's why the CoolClimate Art Contest needs YOU to submit your most creative and iconic work to bring focus to the very real dangers of climate change, whether through shocking imagery of a planet devastated by global warming or emphasizing the clean energy solutions we need to embrace to get on the right track.

Submit your original artwork to CoolClimate, on DeviantArt, by August 23rd. 20 finalists will be chosen by an esteemed panel of diverse judges, a group of 10 notable individuals that includes the likes of Chevy Chase, Jackson Browne, Van Jones, and Philippe Cousteau. The 20 finalists will then be revealed right here on HuffPost Green, where the public can vote on their favorite!

The top five climate artists of 2010 will be featured on PlanetGreen.com's show 'Planet100', showcased at global warming events on 10/10/10, and sent out to non-profits and press organizations. There will additionally be a monetary reward of $600, $350, and $150 for the top three artists, respectively.

Check out the full rules and regulations at the CoolClimate website, and get to work on your most imaginative and impressive artwork to help fight the very real problems of climate change! CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR ART