The Top Ideas About Climate Change From 2014's World Economic Forum

Top Ideas On Climate Change From 2014's Davos

As Ian Goldin of the Oxford Martin Commission pointed out last year, it's a bit ironic to discuss climate change at Davos, a remote location in Switzerland that requires a tremendous carbon footprint to even get to. Nevertheless, the topic was a key focus of 2014's World Economic Forum.

Climate change will likely be discussed again next week at 2015's annual meeting in Davos, so we took a look back at what several key influencers like Goldin, as well as Jim Leape, director general of World Wildlife Fund, and Kumi Naidoo, international executive director of Greenpeace, said last year.

"On something pressing like this, citizens have to act, cities have to act, states have to ask and corporates have to act," Goldin said last year. Climate change "is not something that's waiting."

The World Economic Forum annual meeting will take place from January 21-24.