Top Climate Group Will Run Ads Demanding GOP Candidates To Address Clean Energy

The group plans to air an ad during Tuesday's Republican debate on the Fox Business network.

A major climate group is demanding that the Republican presidential candidates propose efforts that would make clean energy a priority in economic growth, through an ad campaign that will run on Tuesday.

NextGen Climate, founded by billionaire and climate activist Tom Steyer, will air an ad during Tuesday's Republican debate on the Fox Business network. The group is also running full-page ads in two major newspapers in Milwaukee, the site of the debate. The ads ask the candidates to make clean energy jobs a part of their economic policy proposals and develop ways to ensure that the country reaches more than 50 percent clean energy use by 2030.

“If Republican candidates are serious about creating jobs, they must make clean energy central to their plans to grow our economy,” Steyer said in a statement. “We know we have the solutions to tackle climate change while creating millions of jobs and raising household incomes. So what are the Republican candidates waiting for?”

So far, climate change has received little attention in the GOP debates, aside from the candidates debating whether the problem exists.

NextGen Climate, which has invested heavily in efforts to put the 2016 candidates on alert, has made the same demands of the Democratic presidential candidates. But unlike their Republican counterparts, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley all have fairly expansive plans to address climate change.

Watch the ad above.

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