Climate Change: Melting Glaciers Expose Ancient Artifacts In Nothern Europe Faster Than Archaeologists Can Collect Them (VIDEO)


In this video from Reuters, Lars Piloe and his team of archaeologists race against the clock to collect ancient artifacts exposed from the rapidly melting ice in northern Europe's highest mountains.

Hunting sticks, bows and arrows, and a 3,400-year-old leather shoe are some of the discoveries thawing out in Norway's Jotunheimen mountains. In one area, the Juvfonna ice field, 600 artifacts have turned up simultaneously, making the job very difficult for Piloe and his team, as feathers, wool, and leather can turn to dust within days if not collected and stored in a freezer.

"There are many ice patches. We can only cover a few...We know we are losing artifacts everywhere," Piloe tells Reuters.

According to Reuters, most international climate experts agree that glaciers diminishing from the Andes to the Alps is a result of man-made global warming. The front edge of the Juvfonna ice field has retreated almost 60 feet in the last year alone.


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