Climate Change This Week: The Beetles Are Baaaaack, Drunken Forests, and More!

The Beetles Are Baaaaaack... and Now They're Decimating Spruce Forests with climate change, reports Katie Valentine at Climate Progress. Over the past decade, pine bark beetles exploded in numbers as they reproduced more often during warmer weather and lived through warmer winters, -- then they decimated US pine forests. Now the closely related spruce bark beetle is following the same path, decimating spruce forests. How many plagues, oh Lord, before we get the big picture?


Spruce bark beetles are now decimating US spruce forests. Top, via; bottom, via wikimedia.

Ancient History Lesson: When CO2 Levels Doubled, Earth Warmed 9°F FAST, says a new study, reports Joe Romm at Climate Progress. How fast? Possibly within a few decades. This time period, about 55 million years ago, is probably the best example of what Earth is now experiencing, scientists say, and indicates that dramatic climate change - and massive extinctions - can happen incredibly fast...about as fast as we should be cutting carbon emissions, right now, actually.

Paleocene Temperature Maximum: hot enough to support a gigantic boa, Titanoboa. Via Climate Progress

L.A. Times Cuts Off Climate Change Deniers And Other 'Errors Of Fact'- Deniers Object, reports Joe Romm at Climate Progress. The LA Times explained "letters that have an untrue basis (for example, ones that say there's no sign humans have caused climate change) do not get printed." Since when are newspapers about printing facts and truth? Is that why they're not printing my letters about the flying spaghetti monster? Sheesh!

More and more scientists are more and more certain that humans are causing global warming, which drives climate change.

And Now, Something Entirely New -- Climate, That Is, By 2050 says a new study, reports Andrew Freedman at Climate Central. About 5 billion people by mid-century will be experiencing a mean annual climate beyond the range of variability seen over the past 150 years. The tropics will probably feel it much faster, possibly by 2020 (OMG, that's 7 years from now). This is very bad news for our carbon-capturing, global air-conditioning rainforests and some nations, both of which have limited abilities to adapt that fast to climate change.

Speaking of Rapid Change: Giant Arctic Carbon Sink Set to Speed Up Global Warming, says a new study, reports Margaret Munro of Postmedia News at Global warming is changing the Hudson Bay Lowlands Arcti Refuge, which has passed a tipping point fast, even by Arctic standards. Its vast peatlands (read: rich carbon sinks) could soon start emitting huge amounts of greenhouse gases that will further accelerate global warming. How? Try googling "methane bomb" for starters.

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Quote of the Week:

"Unlike the financial crisis, we do not have a 'climate bailout option' up our sleeves."

OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría October 8, 2013, as quoted at Climate Progress.

☼☼☼ On the Bright Side ☼☼☼

(>(>(> People Speak Out

OO GOP Lisa Murkowski Calls Out Senate on Energy Efficiency Bill - time to act, she says.

OO Divestment Campaign Could Cause Considerable Damage To Fossil Fuel Industry says study.

OO Ex Wall Street Journal Meteorologist Says He Will Never Fly Again - not worth the carbon footprint.

OO Media 'Frightened to Death' of Talking About Climate Change, Says Al Gore

OO US Federal, State Govts 'Doing Nothing' on Environment, Says NYC Mayor Bloomberg

OO Quebec Urges Clean Energy Over Tar Sands, Keystone Pipeline

OO World Calls For Russia to Release Arctic Oil Drilling Protesters

OO Major World Financial Institutions Want To Act On Climate - unlike banks, no bailout plans exist for climate change.

OO Financial Big Guns Aim At Fossil Fuels - calling for an appropriate price on carbon emissions, and end subsidies for fossil fuels.


Demonstrations worldwide will be held protesting this climate changing activity. For the one nearest you, click HERE (scroll up for other countries).

OO Environmentalists Protest in Boston Against Keystone XL Oil Pipeline

OO Enbridge 'Line 9' Protest Concert Draws 2,000 to Toronto

OO Protesters Arrested at Anti-Enbridge Pipeline Rally in Montreal

OO Giant Utility Chief Sees Coal Losing Out to Gas and Renewable Energy

OO Enviro Groups Appeal Indiana Coal Mine Permit Ruling

OO Fighting Climate Change, With Crowd Funding And Google Hangouts a new approach to climate change activism that, it is hoped, will ultimately reach thousands of people via online videos and interactive web-based trainings.


OO Carbon Markets 16 Times Cheaper Than Renewables Aid says OECD.

OO Clean Energy, Energy Efficiency to Transform 40% of World Utilities by 2030

OO Energy Conservation More Lucrative As Coal Power Fades


OO An Illustrated Guide to the Enormous Power of Energy Efficiency

OO Energy Efficiency: How The Internet Can Lower Your Electric Bill


OO Solar Panels Give Electric Cars Another Path

OO Honda Plots US Hybrid Resurgence Starting With Accord

OO Over 2 US Million Electric Cars to Hit Roads in 2020


OO Kia to Launch Its First All-Electric Vehicle for US Market

OO New Fuel Standards: Costlier Cars, But Less Expensive to Run

OO Electric Car Sales For 2013 Up 440+% Over Past year


OO Sports Beginning to See the Energy-Efficient Light

OO Google Makes Its 13th Clean Energy Investment in 3 Years

OO Wind Turbine Blade Maker Ramps Up In US

Go, US Wind Power! Credit Mary Ellen Harte

OO Fuel From Landfill Methane Goes on Sale

OO California: Quest For Cheap, Nonfood Biofuel Starts With A Brewery

OO California: New Law Will Provide Renewable Energy to Renters, Small Biz


OO California: Brown Oks Electricity Rate Promoting Clean Energy Use

OO California: Oakland Becomes Solar-Power Hub As Solar Leasing Co Zooms

OO Solarcity Expects 2014 Installations To Rise Almost 90%


OO This is what's making solar power as cheap as fossil fuels. modified Climate Progress graphic.

OO Arizona: New Solar Plant Stores Energy at Night

OO Arizona: Battery-Stored Solar Power Threatens Fossil Fuel Utilities

OO Arizona: $8 Million Just Invested in Algae Biofuel


OO Colorado's Wind Industry Thriving, Far-Flung

OO Colorado Set to Add 600 MW of Wind Power Projects

OO Gulf Coast Beckons Wind Farms When West Texas Gusts Fade


OO Minnesota: LED Streetlights Pay Off in Suburb

OO Michigan: New Solar Panel Facilities Brings Jobs

OO Michigan Can Do Better with Renewable Energy Use: Report


OO Indiana: County Takes Leading Role on Clean Energy

OO Illinois: Bullet Trains Costly But Feasible

OO Ohio: Business Group Opposes Rolling Back Renewable Energy Rules


Credit: Insight Wind Power Art, via the Portland Press Herald

OO Maine: Exporting Wind Energy

OO The Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant In New England Is Shutting Down


OO New Jersey: Reconsiders Carbon Trading a Year After Sandy

OO South Carolina: Clean Energy on Upswing, Employs 18,000

OO North and South Carolina: Chamber Heads Push Congress on Clean Energy


OO Norway to Invest Billions Into Clean-Energy Projects Via Carbon Credits

OO Denmark To Cut Energy Use By 12 Percent, And Power Companies Like It

OO How Denmark Turned An Efficiency Obligation Into Opportunity - through cooperation and flexibility - you know, the stuff pitifully lacking in the US Congress these days...


OO UK Plans to Increase Solar Power Eight-Fold by 2020

OO UK: Building A Better World, One Block At A Time

OO MPs Urge Britain to Stay on Track With Carbon Budget


OO France: Court Rejects Challenge To Hydro-Fracking Ban

OO As Drilling Zooms in US, Europe Hesitates

OO EU Close to Meeting 2020 Emissions Goal Already

For more news on clean energy, click here.
OO Europe: As Clean Energy Ascends, Gas Utilities Lose Price Edge

OO Europe: Votes To Tighten Rules On Fracking

OO Canada: Govt Incentives Begin To Boost Wind Power


OO Mexican Sun Lures Cash to Solar as Panel Prices Plunge

OO Brazil Ethanol Production Threatened If EPA Eases Blend Rule - which might ease the destruction of carbon capturing forests for cropland.

OO Peru: 3 States Join Support for Preserving Carbon Capturing Forests Via C Credits


OO Australia: New Private Climate Council Raises $1 Million

OO India: Billionaire´S Wind Farms Plan Bond Debut

OO Japan Added 3,666 MW of Clean Energy Since Incentive Program



The flag flies, May 21, 2013.

At Moore, OK, the day after a huge tornado demolished it.
Credit Major Jon Quinlan/
***** US Climate Change News *****

OO Oil Lobbying Group Sues EPA Over The Renewable Fuels Standard

OO Nearly 70 Percent of Fox Climate Pundits Doubt Global Warming

OO Ex-Energy Pick Binz: Koch-Funded Groups and WSJ Created 'Fictional' Picture


OO Putting All 20,000+ US Electric Car Charging Stations on the Map

OO Utilities, Solar Companies in Fight Over Rates - if you use the grid, you should pay for it, say utilities.

OO Solar, Wind Challenge Power Grid Tradition Of Distribution


OO US Strong Campaigns For Federal Fund To Cover Extreme Weather Disasters

OO Federal Boost for Farms' Renewable Energy in Doubt

OO Government Shutdown Will Likely Delay Renewable Energy Projects


OO Cuts in Airplane Carbon Emissions Needed

OO High-dollar Industry Jobs Leave Oil, Gas Inspectors In Constant Turnover

OO Fracking The US Shrinks The Trade Deficit - it does, but the taxpayer and voter pay for the resulting environmental messes. In any case, do we really want to rob our children's future to do so?


OO Rising Number Of US Homes At Risk From Wildfires - Report

OO Thirsty US Power Plants Compete for Increasingly Scarce Water - time to go for rooftop solar!

OO When Buying a New Home, Beware the Fracking Clause - often unbeknownst to new US home owners, their builders/developers retain fracking and mineral rights.


OO What Would Jesus Do About Climate Change?

OO US Chief Science Advisor Calls for Climate Change Action

OO US Climb to No. 1 Climate Change Merchant Worries Scientists


OO US Shale-Oil Boom May Not Last - Fracking Wells Short-Lived

OO Low Priced Coal Lures Utilities, Threatens Climate Targets


OO Canada's Current Carbon Offset Strategy No Match For Keystone's Emissions figures show.

OO Fossil Fuel Execs Pressure Obama to Accept Keystone Pipeline

☼☼☼Acting Like You Care: The XL Keystone pipeline will make possible far more climate change, but President Obama might okay it anyway. Credo, and others are asking people to stand up and be counted as nonviolent resisters or help in other ways. I did. If you ever wanted to do something big for your future, now's your chance - here.

OO Pipeline Company Lobbies to Promote Keystone Pipeline

OO US Govn't Shutdown Could Delay Keystone XL Pipeline Decision


OO Arkansas: Feds Prevent State from Improving Regs on Oil Spills

OO California: Planned Convention Center Could End Up Underwater As Seas Rise

OO Colorado: Full Extent Of Oil And Gas Spills From Floods Remains Unknown

For more, click here.

OO Louisiana Helps Fuel Nationwide Natural Gas Boom

OO Minnesota: Largest Coal Unit to Restart, Amid Pollution, Emissions Concerns

OO Montana: Neighbor's Oil Boom Financially Busts Towns


OO New Jersey: Despite Sandy et al, NJ Not Addressing Carbon Emissions

OO New York: New Hurricane Season Arrives, But Sandy Recovery Slow, Incomplete

OO Massachussetts: Climate Change Affecting US Lobster Industry


Enjoy feasts like this while you can.... Top,Credit Sven Kullander at wikimedia; bottom, Mary Ellen Harte

OO Ohio: Big Fracking Waste Lagoons Loom

OO Pennsylvania: Scientists Uncover High Radioactivity Near Fracking Site


OO North Dakota Pipeline Spills Over 20,000 Barrels Of Crude Oil

OO South Dakota: Blizzard Ravages Livestock Industry

Tens of thousands of cattle died from the freak blizzard. Credit Mary Ellen Harte

OO Texas on Track to Be Among World's Largest Climate Change Merchants - that is, oil producers.

OO Virginia: Fracking George Washington National Forest Would Harm It - Study

OO Washington: Will Town Approve Coal Port? A Local Decision With Global Tremors


Via the University of East Anglia Climate Change webpage
<<<< Climate Change Round the World >>>>

OO What should be done about climate change refugees?

OO Katrina-sized Cyclone Phailin: Mass Evacuations In Eastern India

OO China: Over Half A Million People Displaced As Typhoon Fitow Hits

This shot of 3 typhoons recently lined up across the Pacific (way off on the left side can be seen Pailin in the Bay of Bengal) is eerily reminiscent of a satellite stream in the 2006 cli-fi movie, "The Day After Tomorrow". Credit NOAA via a screen capture by Michael Tobis

OO China: Heaviest Rain In 52 Years Floods Shanghai Streets, Homes

OO China Pays for Indonesian Deforestation with Paper Mill Loan

OO China:Is Running Out of Water - but government plans for a shale-gas revolution will make it worse.


OO Mongolia: Shale Oil Development Crashes into Water Scarcity, Climate Vulnerability

OO Thailand: Industry Alarmed Over Worsening Floods

OO India: Oil Spills Becoming Frequent Hazard for Fishermen


Once an Indonesian forest is logged, it often becomes a palm oil plantation. Credit: Rhett Butler at

OO Indonesia: Environmental Disaster Unfolding As Loggers Deforest "Protected" Forest

OO New Zealand: Cities Propose Cutting Carbon Emissions To Address Climate Change


OO North Africa Is World's Next Big Shale Prospect says industry official

OO Africa: Farmers Try New Strategies To Ensure Food Security

Turning forests into wood pellets is a lose-lose proposition: a cheap carbon-capture system is destroyed and the resulting emissions fuel climate change. Credit Friedrich Bohringer via wikimedia.

OO Canada: Carbon-Capturing Forests Go Up in Smoke - for "Climate Change"

OO Canada: Native Americans Raise Concerns on Fossil Fuel Developments

OO Canada: Gas Flare Draws Thousands Of Birds To Their Deaths, Ignites Questions

Butterflies light up the dark Amazonian forest floor. Credit Mary Ellen Harte

OO Brazil in Green Reverse - as carbon emissions zoom and carbon capturing forest protections disappear.

OO Chile: Rules to Protect Glaciers, Water Supplies Worry Mining Industry

OO Europe's Easy Ride On Climate Targets disguises the reality that it could do much more to address climate change, critics argue.


OO Efficiency Lags Behind in EU's Triple Energy Target

OO UK Spins Off Target On Carbon Cuts

OO UK Must "Stay the Course" on Climate Change Policies says OECD official.


Ten Global Warming Indicators. Credit NOAA


(((((((( Seeking the Science ))))))))

OO Alaska Sinks As Climate Change Thaws Permafrost - the thaw threatens homes, buildings, and roads, and in the process emits tons of greenhouse gases. The state is warming twice as fast as the 48 ones south of it.

OO Around The Arctic, Frozen Earth Thaws, Creating 'Drunken Forests' as trees sway and sink into the wet mushy soil.
Via Climate Progress

OO Halt In Manta Ray Reproduction Tied To Climate Change In The Maldives - the weakening of seasonal winds means little nutrient turnover to fuel the plankton blooms these rays need to eat to reproduce. Mantas have very low rates of reproduction - just a single pup every two to three years - meaning they are very vulnerable to anything that cuts the number of births.

OO Emissions Rate Puts Billion More At Risk

Credit Mary Lou Frost

OO Reef Monitoring Gets a Modern Makeover - High-powered technology is helping capture beautiful images and collect data to create the world's first coral reef database ...

OO Sea and storm: US Coastal Habitats Offer Strongest Defense - says a new study.

OO Ireland, the Emerald Isle, Might Be Losing Its Green Due to Climate Change


@@@ Climate Change in the Media @@@
Via Climate Nexus

@@ Celeb-studded Documentary Tells Less Inconvenient Truths About Climate A thrilling new Showtime series starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford, and - Climate Change, of course!!

@@ Could Their Kids Be The Secret Weapon Against Climate Change Deniers? The League of Conservation Voters, and others have released a new online video, "Science Fair Nightmare," unveiling a secret weapon to challenge the climate change deniers in Congress -- their kids.


Remind you of anyone? Screen capture from the video Science Fair Nightmare by Mary Ellen Harte

@@ 'Meltdown' Photo Show - China Environment Is In Crisis The photos say it all!

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@@ Video: America's Dangerous Pipelines - the title says it all; compelling ....
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