Stephen Schneider: Climate Scientist Harassed, Verbally Attacked At UN Press Conference (VIDEO)

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Nobel laureate, renowned climate scientist and good friend of former
US vice-president Al Gore, href="http://stephenschneider.stanford.edu/Biography/BioFrameset.html?http://stephenschneider.stanford.edu/Biography/Biography.html">Dr.
Stephen Schneider, was verbally attacked today during a press
conference at the United Nations Climate Talks in Copenhagen.

Dr. Schneider, an outspoken proponent of climate legislation, was
announcing his latest book, " href="http://stephenschneider.stanford.edu/SAACS/saacs_book.htm">Science
as a Contact Sport: Inside the Battle to Save Earth's Climate ,
" when an unidentified man jumped on stage and began to intensely
interrogate Schneider. The man became angry after Schneider addressed
the leak email controversy from The University of East Anglia's world
renowned Climate Research Unit. He repeatedly shouted, "do you
approve of deleting data, Dr. Schneider? Do you approve of deleting
data?" The man then accused the professor of attempting to
censor the press. (Read Dr. Schneider's blog for HuffPost Green).

Professor Schneider, was shaking visibly after the confrontation, but
said--repeatedly--he did not agree with deleting data.

Prior to the outburst, Professor Schneider addressed the leaked email
controversy also known as "Climategate" in an exclusive
interview with environmental reporter href="http://www.fastcompany.com/blog/max-linsky/stimulist/olivia-zaleski-reporter-green-visionary-eco-activist-and-25">Olivia
Zaleski. Read the full interview transcript on href="http://earthkeeper.com/blog/">Earthkeepers, or watch parts
of the interview edited within Zaleski's most recent Copenhagen
Dispatch from filmmaker href="http://www.huffingtonpost.com/gabriel-london/global-warming-warning-al_b_175565.html">Gabriel


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