Clint Pierce, Florida Firefighter, Fired For Bringing President Obama Toilet Paper To Work (VIDEO)

Pompano Beach Fire Rescue Department officials took a dim view of one veteran firefighter's idea of a joke: stocking the fire house's bathroom with toilet paper emblazoned with the president's face.

Clint Pierce, a 20-year veteran of the Florida department, had until Friday to turn in his badge after being notified of termination due to insubordination, WSVN reports .

Pierce has a record of pushing his politics in the workplace, according to the Sun Sentinel. He was ordered to "refrain from any further posting of political messages on any city property," after putting an anti-Obama bumper sticker on his locker in 2011 and using a coffee mug portraying Obama as a clown in February.

Pompano Beach is a city near Fort Lauderdale in Broward County, which Obama handily won on Election Day.

Local leaders were outraged by Pierce's actions. According to the Sun Sentinel, many activists attended a city commission meeting last week to call for the firefighter's firing.

Ultimately, Fire Chief Harry L. Small agreed, calling the incident "tasteless and disrespectful" and creating "significant divisiveness within the department and community." Small made Pierce's termination public on Nov. 29.



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