Clinton and Clooney Raise Funds for the 'Revolution'; Sanders Attacks Them

UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 17:  Actor George Clooney and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, on the way to a United Way press conferen
UNITED STATES - SEPTEMBER 17: Actor George Clooney and Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, on the way to a United Way press conference in support of the Calling for 211 Act of 2003. The act supports the creation of a 211 hotline for community and volunteer services. (Photo By Chris Maddaloni/Roll Call/Getty Images)

The Sanders campaign attacked Hillary Clinton for raising the funds needed to change the Congress, state houses and state legislatures; all necessary if the "revolution" Sanders talks about is to happen. Sanders responds this way to a question from Rachel Maddow. "Rival Hillary Clinton has been fundraising for her campaign as well as the Democratic Party. Will the Sanders campaign begin this type of fundraising as well, Maddow asked. "We'll see," Sanders said. "Right now, our focus is on winning the nomination." It seems Sanders one-note candidacy continues and his campaign can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Hillary Clinton knows how to get things done in government. She understands what it would mean if Democrats controlled the Congress, both House and Senate, and why it is important to stop Republicans at the state level from gerrymandering congressional districts in their favor. Because of this she set up the Hillary Victory Fund, a fundraising mechanism to help the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and State Democratic Parties win elections at all levels. Thirty-two state parties have joined this initiative. Bernie Sanders has also set up such a fund. The difference is Hillary is raising millions of dollars for it and Sanders has raised about $1,000. Hillary is taking her valuable time and that of her campaign staff to set up fundraisers for this effort and it's not stopping her from fighting for the nomination. Fact is if Sanders cared to help anyone but himself he could simply send out an email to his supporters, many of whom already maxed out on primary money to him, asking them to donate to his fund for the DNC and state parties.

One of the targets of Sanders attack was George Clooney who is married to Amal Alamuddin Clooney, lawyer activist and author. They have agreed to be hosts at two dinners, one in San Francisco and one at their home in Los Angeles for the Hillary Victory Fund. At both dinners the starting ask is $33,400 per person and the SF dinner has a top ask of $353,400. Sanders immediately attacked Clinton for asking Clooney to host these dinners. He tried to link Clooney to his Wall Street tirades and to link anyone who would attend such a dinner to Wall Street. The problem is George Clooney made his money from acting and his wife is a world respected activist for progressive people and causes. He says he actually likes Clooney and one would assume he did so when he realized this is just the type of activist he should want to support and get support from. Clooney "played an important part in anti-war activism and humanitarian work. Since 2008, Clooney has served as one of the United Nations Messengers of Peace. He has been advocating for Darfur, as well as organized the Hope for Haiti telethon to raise funds for victims. Clooney was arrested in 2012 during a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington D.C where he was protesting the war in Darfur."

Clinton and Clooney are asking other activists with money to join them and spend it on the "revolution" Sanders keeps talking about. Except for $2,700 which is the limit Hillary can receive from any one person for the primary this money doesn't benefit her primary campaign and most of the people attending have already donated that limit to her. So all this money goes to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) which is allowed to raise $33,400 from a single person and each of the thirty-two Democratic State Parties that can accept up to $10,000 into their federal accounts. This money strengthens the State Parties so they can focus on raising their own funds for local candidates as well. The irony of attacking Hillary for raising this money for Democrats is should by any chance Bernie Sanders be the Democratic nominee it would benefit him.

This is the "revolution" Bernie Sanders is calling for but unwilling to help fund. It is also the reason so many superdelegates are supporting Clinton. They know if she is the Democratic nominee she will help them win and elect more democrats. It is the Party's chance to get closer to having the votes needed to confirm a Supreme Court justice who will vote to overturn Citizens United, protect the rights of women, African Americans, the LGBT community, immigrants and ensure every American is guaranteed their right to vote. The hypocrisy of Sanders criticizing this effort is mind-boggling,