Clinton Camp Spends $33 Million On Consultants

Hillary Rodham Clinton started the year flush with cash, but by the beginning of this month, she'd blazed through most of it -- spending $11 million on ads, $3.8 million on messaging guru Mark Penn and $1,300 at Dunkin' Donuts, just to name a few expenditures -- leaving her campaign woefully unprepared for an extended battle for the Democratic presidential nomination.

About $15 million -- or more than half of the New York senator's January spending -- went to a cadre of high-priced consultants. Though much of the cash went through the campaign media buyer for ad time, the considerable payments to outside consultants mark an increase in a pattern that has irked campaign insiders. From the beginning of the race through the end of last month, Clinton paid the consultants $33 million -- nearly one-third of the $105 million spent by the campaign.

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