Clinton Commercial Series -- Where Are the Avenging Furies?

There are a number of reasons why I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, even though I am a Democrat. It may be easier to convey these reasons using a series of commercials that can be produced by an opponent. I hope that a Democratic Challenger can use these ideas. But if no one can enunciate these from the Democratic side, I am sure the GOP will be more than happy to make the case when it is too late for the Democrats to change their candidate.

Commercial 3

Starts out with images from Congress finalizing the Iraq War Vote in 2002. Sound of Hillary saying "Yea."

Cut to White Screen

Typewriter typeface with the sound effect of a typewriter spells out:

US Soldiers Killed in Iraq: One was too many.
Iraqi Dead: Have we really calculated this number?

Sits silently for 2 seconds

Cut to video of Hillary apologizing for messing up the Iraq War Vote.


Hillary Clinton allowed us to be led into one of the longest and costliest conflicts in our history.

Had she led an opposition to the Iraq War many people would still be alive. If she had not helped the Bush administration's short-sighted military gambit we would not have seen the following results:


The montage for this commercial are people who suffer PTSD as a result of the Iraq War. They can talk about how they no longer sleep or have debilitating depression.

Spouses and children talk about what was and what is now.

Pictures of those who have committed suicide have a short bio typed over their picture.

Voiceover a montage of Hillary holding babies on recent campaign trips:

Heroes of Iraq have seen small fractions of war and are left with profound anguish.

What about the mental state of those who sent them to Iraq?
What does erroneously sending our troops into war zones do to those in charge?
How do they sleep?
What do these mistakes do to their long term judgement?

Could any of us smile after making such an error?

Final Frozen Image of Hillary smiling with a baby.

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