Clinton in the Blogosphere

Comparisons to Bill Clinton are all over the blogosphere today. Here are three:

1) According to Zogby, 42 percent of the country favors impeaching President Bush if it turns out that he lied about his reasons for the war in Iraq (you mean there are still people who believe he didn’t?!).

Think Progress points out that the percentage who supported impeaching Clinton was 41.

The lesson is that control of Congress is what it’s all about. If the Democrats had control of the House or the Senate, along with the subpoena power that comes with it, Bush’s legal team might be getting really busy right about now.

2) Think Progress also notes that Clinton would routinely consult Orrin Hatch, ranking minority member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, about Supreme Court appointments, and that Hatch took credit for Breyer and Ginsburg.

3) Roger Ailes catches this sentence from a Wall Street Journal editorial regarding the Valerie Plame prosecutor Peter Fitzgerald, leading one to wonder, how stupid do they think their readers are? Is it actually possible they didn’t see the irony in this?

It may be that [Fitzgerald] too has concluded that talking to the press is no crime, in which case he may by now only be pursuing a perjury rap against the leaker. If that's true, Mr. Fitzgerald will have earned a place in the Overzealous Hall of Fame."