Clinton Is Still the Right Choice

I was reading the book one of my favorite movies is based off of, Hearts in Atlantis. In the book, the psychic Ted Brautigan explains to young Bobby Garfield that certain low men are after him.

Brautigan explains: "Low men... I use 'low' in the Dickensian sense, meaning fellows who look rather stupid... and rather dangerous as well. The sort of men who'd shoot craps in an alley, let's say, and pass around a bottle of liquor in a paper bag during the game. The sort who lean against telephone poles and whistle at women walking by on the other side of the street while they mop the backs of their necks with handkerchiefs that are never quite clean. Men who think hats with feathers in the brims are sophisticated. Men who look like they know all the rights answers to all of life's stupid questions."

With the gambling, misogyny and stupidity Brautigan describes, I couldn't help but think of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton and Trump are locked in a tighter race with about a week to go thanks to FBI director James Comey's decision to look into emails Clinton neither sent nor possessed. There is an extremely small chance that these emails matter at all, except in convincing voters to change their minds about Clinton and vote for Trump. About one-third of respondents in a recent poll said the emails, a molehill made into a mountain, might make them change their minds about voting for Clinton. This is troubling.

This makes Comey's decision highly suspect. Whether he was trying to get out in front of the issue or expressly make it political, either way his decision to appease the right was wrong. His decision only serves to manipulate the presidential and congressional elections--and it's immoral, no matter what election and no matter the stakes. I would have refrained from doing so because an election is sacred. I believe we live in a universe that is a democracy, that all of our choices matter and that as patterns accumulate, we change the world. To tamper with that process demonstrates that Comey has a large ego and doesn't understand the vital importance of allowing elections to proceed without bias.

That's not to say Clinton is a saint. Some of the emails Wikileaks has exposed present her in a negative light. For example, I was taken aback by her statements about climate activists who want to get the country away from fracking and toward a fossil fuel-free future. But I can only imagine how people would view me if my personal details were released to the public. I haven't been a saint either. And in this election, we're not seeking the perfect candidate; we're looking for the best leader who can work with others, respect and care for marginalized citizens and represent the United States in the world. Clinton clearly fits that bill. On the other hand, Trump is so far out in left field that he defies analysis.

The Democrats' agenda that Clinton has signed on to would help the environment, protect the middle class and help the poor. She'd work with congressional leaders of all stripes--and, yes, she'd have to compromise. One hopes her stance toward Russia softens and we can work with them again toward common goals. One hopes she reads up on the great environmental crisis we're in and recognizes that now is the time to embrace climate activists by widening the tent. But with Trump, there is no hope. He's too far gone to govern. He's too impressed by himself to lead others. And he's too vindictive to care about the little guy. Clinton is still the right choice. I voted for her and I hope you do too.