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Clinton Kelly: Sarah Palin Might Be Most Annoying Person Of All Time

"What Not To Wear" host Clinton Kelly recently appeared on Joy Behar's show, along with AOL's "Popeater" columnist Rob Shuter and comedian Judy Gold, to wrap up the year in style...and the foursome got to talking about Sarah Palin and her TLC show "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

Kelly revealed that he wasn't so happy to hear that his makeover series would be on the same channel as Palin's program.

BEHAR: I heard the ratings went down.

SHUTER: They did go down, but they went down from a huge number, so it's still, like, in the top 10 shows on -- is TLC your channel?

KELLY: It is my channel.

SHUTER: It is...

BEHAR: What do you think?

KELLY: What do I think?


KELLY: You know, look, I'll be honest with you. I wasn't thrilled when I heard that Sarah Palin had an eight-hour infomercial, you know, on my network because she basically stands for everything I don't stand for or I'm against. So it's a little bit rough. It's a little -- what bothers me the most about her is her hypocrisy. And you know, I'm trying to be funny here, but I can't even think of a joke.

BEHAR: That's OK. You don't have to be funny.

KELLY: I hate somebody who's, like, Oh, look at nature. Look at this beautiful Alaska.


KELLY: Look how beautiful everything is. Let's go kill something...

BEHAR: Right.

KELLY: ... because we need some meat in the refrigerator.

BEHAR: I know. As if anybody in New York City can relate to this.

As if. So then, the group crowned 2010's most annoying person. Clinton's pick? "Sarah freaking Palin....The most annoying, maybe most annoying of all time." But we would love to see what Clinton would do to Sarah's closet.


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